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We are The United Hunters Association, a society founded by hunters for hunters, dedicated to the preservation of our traditions and wildlife, promoting hunting as the key element that it is in effective wildlife management and conservation, educating and mentoring youth, non-hunters, new hunters and hunters alike to ensure that our way of life is understood and viewed as the important tool it is in wildlife conservation/management.  
We want to ensure that our traditions and way of life stay alive and strong, with all the unrest and misunderstanding in todays world revolving around hunting it is time for a movement of our own, a mission to change views, to ensure understanding, to ensure that decisions regarding wildlife management, wildlife conservation and regulations are based on scientifically collected data.
Your generous donation to The United Hunters Association will allow us to introduce and educate our next generation of hunters to what it truly means to be a hunter and conservationist.  Also to ensure that the hunting community is involved and has a united voice.  Our goal is to unite, to stand strong, to stand together, to ensure understanding.  Help us pave the way, help us PROMOTE, PROTECT, EDUCATE and MENTOR.