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The United Hunters Association is a society of hunters, sportsmen and outdoors enthusiasts founded in early 2018.  With discussions between the six founders on what we could do to oppose the unjust that is happening to the hunting community, we decided to take action and provide a platform for hunters to unite, stand up, support each other, protect wildlife and share each and everyone of our knowledge to ensure that decisions going forward are based on scientific facts.  Hunting today is not what it use to be, it is scrutinized do to the lack of education and misunderstanding of the important role hunting plays in conservation, decisions in regards to regulations are based primarily on uneducated requests rather than actual scientific data and facts, wildlife is mismanaged and crown land is becoming more difficult to access. 


The United Hunters Association was founded by six in the hopes to grow that number to many more, to be used as a platform to unite hunters from across Canada so we can stand as one, to promote what we enjoy, protect wildlife, protect our rights, educate the uneducated and mentor youth and new hunters.


We are strong, we are proud, we are The United Hunters Association.  Join us and help keep our traditions alive.

Jody Carpenter
Founder/Executive DirectorJody Carpenter Founder/Executive Director

Phil Hamilton
Founder/Executive DirectorPhil Hamilton Founder/Executive Director

Lee Johnson
Founder/Executive DirectorLee Johnson Founder/Executive Director

Kurtis Bachman
Founder/Executive DirectorKurtis Bachman Founder/Executive Director

Rob Greeno
Founder/Executive DirectorRob Greeno Founder/Executive Director